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Home Tech Support

When it comes to your home technology we do it all. Our services range from  computer maintenance and network configuration to smart TVs, thermostats and home security equipment. Leave it to us to make sure your technology is running the way it was intended.

Device Diagnostics & Maintenance

It can be frustrating when your device does not run at peak performance anymore, or just will not cooperate. In our hands, your devices will perform just like you remember the day you brought it home. Too much software on a PC or Mac will surely cause it to slow down, but with proper management and routine maintenance that will be a thing of the past. We bring an expertise in cleaning devices of malware and viruses, and the knowledge to educate you on best practices when navigating the web. Our technicians deliver top-notch recommendations on device upgrades and component replacements, to get the best value for your money.

Tech Coaching & Tutoring

If you are new to a certain topic in technology sometimes it can seem like there’s a steep learning curve and we would love to help make your experience seem less overwhelming and more comfortable. Our friendly staff will walk step-by-step with you to make sure your experience is familiar and understandable.